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Dominique Green

The Dynamic Realtor!


I am dedicated to my work, my business, my clients and their happiness. I have been working in property management for quite some time and have enjoyed helping people so much, I decided to extend my passion into Real Estate.

 I enjoy helping others and my goal as your realtor would be to provide dynamic services surpassing every expectation to help you reach your ultimate goals.

I am more than qualified to provide the exceptional services for my customers. Beyond the fact that I am a Licensed Realtor, having several years in property management, I am also a licensed public notary and loan signing agent. I have connections on down payment assistance and various connections in credit repair and more; all these are services needed to help my customers reach their ultimate goal, when it comes to buying their home.

My goal, is to ultimately provide the very best Real Estate Services. I am detail-oriented, very efficient and available.

I am committed to my customers and my passion for my career will help me to continue to provide the most superior and dynamic experiences for current and future customers to come.

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